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art-retreat soapstone Soapstone before & after Tuesday 16th July

Today’s morning task was “work with soapstone”. First I was wondering what I should do with this big rock. I never work in stone. I do work with stone but not in them, a whole new experience.

To test its strength I let it fall on a piece of wood. Only a small piece broke off. To get a bigger chunk I used a saw. With a chisel and hammer I hit this smaller piece once and it broke into 3 perfect pieces to experiment with.

I started filing on the smaller ones to get a feeling for the material. Then something strange happened: my hands were recognizing this stone! I thought I never worked with soap-stone before. I was wrong.

A forgotten memory came back to me. In the first year of the second school we had to make a rounded touch-stone. A soft rounded white one, if I recall right. Even the classroom came back to mind with the slightly overworked teacher. She had to handle reluctant teenagers and couldn’t get them inspired to work quietly, causing a lot of stress for her.

With this memory it was clear to me that I wanted to make such a soft and curving object again.

Here a short video of me filing outside. JP, my son, made it. He is such a good help this week!


Porcelain clay

art-retreat sample-clay Clay samples, lots of them! The porcelain samples are making progress. In my mind there is already a voice saying: “Go, and make them in silverclay”.  But it’s too early. If I walk away now from this exercise, I haven’t done anything new.

Pete & Repeat as Ruudt would say.

Tomorrow back to the clay and Plough Deeper!

Daily Meditation

A strict day plan helps me to conquer distractions and keeps me on track. For example I rise at 7 and start meditating at 7.30 for 15 minutes. I don’t meditate normally but from two people I took the advise to do so.

In Ruudt’s workshop we did it every morning and he advised to keep doing this.

They other source is from Mark Mc Guinness. He also is a strong advocate for meditation and explains why in his latest book Resilience.

I can feel it helps but lack the words to explain why. For one thing it gives me peace of mind and concentration. That’s why I put it in my retreat.

Walking the Labyrinth, which is also a form of meditation, I do at nine. Then the morning session starts till 12.

Ofcourse I did more tasks today, like the anvil filing, photo managing for publication and writing a blogpost. I am tired now. there will be more in tomorrows blogpost.



See more pictures in my google album: Art Residence - Tuesday 16th July

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