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art-retreat fairytale-7-5112The blank sheet and 7 fairytales.Wednesday 17 July

It was a busy day today. I had given myself the assignment of drawing storyboards for 7 fairytales. Every tale got 15 minutes and then off to the next one. A high pace but it worked well to shake me off the “blank page”.

Fairytales & Myths have been in my life as long as I can remember.  As a child I read tons of fairytales.

If I close my eyes I still remember where my favourite ones were located in the local library. If I found them in the wrong spot I even set them right. They were like friends to me.

When I grew older my interest shifted, very understandable. 

So dust settled...

art-retreat fairytale-goldilock-5115Goldilock the fairytale.
I used A2 paper and pencils.
Until my son was born. He re-kindled my love for the tales. Every evening I would read for him the stories of princes and princesses, of witches and fairy mothers. What a delight!

Some time ago I found the books from Joseph Campbell. I stumbled on them because of my explorations for the Epic River necklace (click the link to see the dedicated website).

In this retreat I read the Power of Myth, in which Joseph Campbell is interviewed by Bill Moyers. I love his visions and comparative view he has on myths.

It inspired me to work with the 7 tales. I translate the stories into my own pictures. While I work I associate the specific elements, like the different animals, with knowledge I have from reading Jung’s archetype books. Jung explored dreams and tales quite extensively.

In fairy tales is a lot of old wisdom hidden, I love to get more in touch with it. That’s why I incorporated it in my week. Tomorrow I have another assignment with fairy-tales waiting for me...

art-retreat fairytale-clay-5137

Porcelain clay

There are now 60 clay samples. I have been hitting and pushing clay a lot. My hands start craving for metal clay. Tomorrow I will choose 10 sample that I will translate into BronzeClay.  The piece on the right is one of them.



Diffuse boundaries

I am now unable to assimilate with others because I am on my own.
Without my daily distraction: the internet, I can’t do it there either.
I am thrown back on my own.

During my meditation this image came to me. It feels true. When I am with other people I interact.  It’s logic, that’s what we do as humans. Don’t you love it too when you are in a workshop or retreat  to interact with other artists?

But which borders, fences do you cross?

Doing the retreat alone makes me aware of this situation.
I am finding my power and call it my own.
Three more days to go, what will it bring?


See more pictures in my google album: Art Residence - Wednesday 17th July

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