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Friday 19 July

Reading the wise and encouraging comments on yesterdays post, helped me to realize that it’s not easy to keep yourself occupied all the time. It takes your energy, so you have to replenish it by taking care of yourself.  I took a warm bath and some extra sleep and now I am energized again.

Realizing and accepting that you are low on energy is the first step to mend it.

Tree: sculpture

Clay sculpture of tree barkClay sculpture of tree bark


Today was the first day without a real planning. I did have painting on my list but I traded it for working in clay.  I had a feeling that I should explore the bark pattern some more. Using the process of drawing the lines and then refining the top layer I made a sculpture of a tree stem. I was glad to see I could even make it in a big 3D size.

During meditation I had a visual that the Labyrinth I walk is in fact a big drawing of grow-lines in a tree. So deliberately I drew some grow circles on top of the stem.

This piece speaks to me. It is a great start for a new series in jewellery. I will work on exploring this theme in august to translate it into jewellery. I can see the ring already!

Tree: Notebook

art-retreat clay-tree-book-klein5178In the afternoon I made a small A6 notebook with 32 blank pages. I used a picture of the tree bark from Monday on the back. On the front you seen my own hand made bark pattern in clay.

A lot of things are falling into place. I call this retreat SARAH, the initial letters of Summer Art Residence At Home. That is why I put it on the front of my notebook.

But before I was even thinking of this retreat I was already working with the name Sarah. My pinterest board called Sarah is already 40 weeks old. I set it up to collect inspiring sites and images about self-development and creativity. I have a feeling you might like some of the links there.

Last thoughts about Fences

A tree has fences/borders but they are open, osmosis can happen. CO in, O2 out. There is a healthy communication between the two sides.

It’s important to be aware of my borders but in the meantime be open to new inspiration. Only in this time frame with so many distractions like tv/social media /mobiles,  those borders are very diffuse and easily crossed.

It's sometimes difficult to know when to close a border because of a system-overload...
Doing this retreat gives me fine-tune time to find out what I want, where I stand for.

With that knowledge I can confidently come back to the flow of life.


More pictures in my google+ album: Art Residence - Friday 19 July

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