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2015  may  LoesFM Lifestyle - radio interview
2014  jun  Profiles in Artistry - pmccblog
2014  apr  Metal Clay Artist Magazine featured artist (5 pages) - CAN
2012  oct  Metal Clay Today featured artist – fall issue (4 pages) - USA
2011  aug  Metalsmith Benchtalk with Jay Whaley - radio interview


  Published Work
2016  may  One-of-a-Kind to Mass Production: Metal Clay in a New Light
2013  jan  Art Jewelry Magazine: “Textures with Lasercut Patterns” (6 pages) USA
2012  jun  Art Jewelry Forum In Munich - USA
2010  jan  Art Jewelry Magazine “Ceramic Decals on Fine silver” (7 pages) USA


  Product Features
2013  may  “Earth ring” Life-style magazine LIVING an Artful Life, issue 04:New Life
2012  aug  “Wheels - 3 pendants” in Metal Clay & Color – Mary Wohlgemuth
2012  jun  “Earth ring” in Contemporary Metal Clay Rings – Hattie Sanderson
2011  nov  “Earth spiral pendant” in Metal Clay calendar 2012 - Holly Gage
2011  oct  “Earth ring” in PMC annual#5
2011  jun  "Ridges #1" in New Directions: Powder Metallurgy in a Sheet Metal World
2011  mrt  “Inner Star” in Flair Body & Mind (thema nummer)
2011  feb  “Inner star” oorstekers in Telegraaf-vrouw week 8
2008  oct  “Showing my colors” in PMC annual#2
2008  may  “Small Treasure” in Zilverklei techniek Dutch Silverclay technique book by Noortje Meijerink



Silver ring Furrow#1 in two books

PMC guild Annual 2011
Hattie Sanderson Contemporary metal clay rings

To my great pleasure the silver ring, Furrow#1 from the Earth collection, is accepted in two books.

The first is the Annual nr. 5 from the PMC Guild. In this book you find the best of the Metal Clay world creation and now also my ring :-).

Even more special is that they used the ring for the back cover among my friends Susan Ellenton and Donna Penoyer. Really cool!

The second book is from Hattie Sanderson.She is a renowned american artist and writer. The book is completely dedicated to making rings. A recommended work if you use Metal Clay!


In the same time periode my ring was also featured on the online exhibition on
"This exhibition embraces the unique personality that metal clay brings in the form of jewelry, vessels, functional and decorative objects."

You can still see it on the crafthaus site.


Click the pictures for an enlarment of the photo.



Transfers on silverclay in Art Jewelry Magazine

Ceramic Decals article in Art Jewelry Magazine.Transfer technique publication in leading US Jewelry magazine:

"The januari 2010 issue of the well-known american magazine Art Jewelry features an article by Helga van Leipsig describing Ceramic Decal-techniques on silverclay-jewels.
A meeting at the PMC 2008 conference in Purdue IL sparked the interest of Jill L. Erickson, one of the associated editors of Art Jewelry Magazine, resulting in an 7-page illustrated article in that magazine."

Inner Star in Flair Body & Mind

De inner Star in Flair Body&MindA nice surprise when the Flair editorial office of Body and Mind (autumn 2011) chose my Inner Star for a photoshoot. The model is wearing a real La Leipsig Jewel.

Click the picture for enlargement.


The Making of a Web Class

Hi there!
Here a little peep into the making of the Ceramic Decals web class. On wednesday 12 oktober 8pm ET, I will be live on Craftcast. Right now I am finalizing my material for the decal class. Lots of information, pictures and even videos to make the process clear.

I started with making a storyboard (see picture below) of how I wanted the information to be organized. It was a fun thing to do! I found so much information that I wanted to share :-).  The class has six chapters:

Ceramic Decals
Applying Decals
Firing Instruction
Trouble Shooting

All filled with many examples. Alison and I will talk in a class like setting.
If you are taking the class life you can even ask questions through a chat box.
Isn't that amazing what technology can do nowdays!!!

Download the class right here: Ceramic Decals with Helga van Leipsig

“Pieces made with this technique have a different look then, for example, enamel. It opens another array of applying color or graphic work on jewellery. It can be an excellent way of developing a production line.”

Organizing through a storyboard.

A look at my desktop right now.

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