Silver Art Jewellery  
 Grounded in Nature   

LaLeipsig jewels sieradenLa Leipsig Jewels make you feel Elegant and Strong,

giving you a Confident Feminine Look.


Each Silver Art piece is Sculpted Individual,

has Thoughtful Symbolic Language,

and is Comfortable to Wear.


Helga van Leipsig (CV)

In this fast changing world new possibilities sometimes come to you unexpected. You know something and want to share it, but it's a niche market, how do you reach the people? So one of the things I do to connect is attending conferences. There you find like wise people that are, like you, focused on a subject. In my case it's jewelry and more specific metalclay and what you can do with it. On the last Precious Metal Clay (PMC) conference in 2010 Purdue(IL) I met Alison Lee. She was one of the presenters, her talk was about her brainchild Craftcast.

A tube shaped silver whistle made in Donna Penoyer's craftcast class by Helga van Leipsig
As I am a person that embraces new technologies, I once took a Craftcast class just to know how it worked. It was Donna Penoyer's Whistle class. It was a great experience. Exactly at 02:00u (it are american times so it was night for me!)I logged in with my code and for 1,5 hour I was hooked to the screen with the vivid talking Alison and the explaining Donna. Up front you get a pdf file with necessary materials to "bring" to class and background information. I was able to make with only the instructions in that class two whistle that I treasure deeply.

So when Alison asked me if I would like to share my knowledge on Craftcast I said immediately YES. Although I didn't know how to do that yet, but I had trust in my own knowledge and Alison's experience in broadcasting.

So next week I will give my first ever online class. I hope you will join me there with my favorite subject: Ceramic Decals on Silverclay.

Three silver pendants with custom Ceramic Decals


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