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Who makes the jewellery of La Leipsig Jewels?

That would be me, Helga van Leipsig. Maker of jewels.
Wife and mother. Salsadancer. Photographer of seasons changing.
Ain't afraid to visit a big city to find the best jewellery gallery or museum.

Like you I am looking for a sense of purpose in my life.

"I want to know myself, I want to grow."

It’s my quality that I am able to transform these grow processes in jewellery. Not an easy task. Often I don’t know why I made it. Then I have to search to understand.

Answers are found through similarities in nature. Taking pictures and sketching makes clear why a jewel arises. Then I can explain it on my blog.

aarde field1 zilver 4453Take for example my ring Field#1 from the earth series. I was attracted by farmers ploughing, the lines in the fields. I shot pictures of the iron plough entering the earth, tearing it open. Through the process of ploughing it’s possible that water and air enters the earth so seeds can grow.

This mingled with my own life perception. It was necessary that I opened myself for new experiences so I could grow.

With this image I started to work with little silver square elements pushing them into the silverclay. Simulating the primitive forces and experiencing the process myself.

The result is a powerful ring in which you recognize the lines of a ploughed field. The gold rim symbolizes the active process that is involved.

"I see the world in my own way. . .
   but have a suspicion that my vision is a universal one."

Let yourself be inspired by my enthusiasm for nature and her resources.
Follow “Helga’s Blog” to see how I translate these processes into silver.


La Leipsig working on jewellery in her studio. Foto: Peter Bors.

La Leipsig working in her studio. Foto: Peter Bors.


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