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Day at Sea

My unconsious desire to occasionally visit the sea is the inspiration for the Day at Sea collection. When I try to understand this hardly plausible feeling, I touch on a very old part of Limburg.

Millions of years ago, in the geological era called Maastrichtian, Limburg was a shallow sea with scattered coral banks. Many living creature left their mark.

A lot of these tracks were excavated from quarries throughout the province, for example in Tegelen, my birthtown,  and are documented in detail. Think of fossils of ammonites, seal trees and starfish.

In the combination of my contemporary and ancient beach finds, I thread it in my jewellery all together.

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Day at Sea


These silver, coral patterned earrings show the rugged ...

Sales price: € 50,00


Silver earring to match the Elliot series. The centre stone ...

Sales price: € 75,00

Ancient Seastar

A small silver seastar made with a pattern from a ...

Sales price: € 125,01

Miss Elliot

The delicate Miss Elliot pendant is made from silver with a ...

Sales price: € 140,00

Small Treasure

This pendant "Small Treasure" is made from silver with a ...

Sales price: € 360,00

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