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Every winter I am touched by the farmers' ploughing.

"The moment the plough enters the soil to open the ground so oxygen can enter. I stand amid the newly churned-up field with dark rich-smelling earth. In the new lines and patterns I see how the seeds can develop."

It's an invitation to grow, which is based on repetition, rhythm. Ploughing creates new patterns in a field that has always been there. New fresh lines and directions in which you can develop yourself.

By inserting small pieces of silver one by one into the soft silver clay, I create new pieces of jewellery, with new patterns. They are my gold and silver translations of the furrows in the fields that are created by the farmers.

Changing patterns takes time. Each of my pendants and rings contain 80 of those little silver rectangles. The continuing placing of the pieces leads to the pattern in the jewellery.

My Earth jewellery can be a tangible reminder of a personal change. That time is needed, that changing happens step by step. Like a farmer who persistently continues to plough his field until it is ready.

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Plough Deep

Inspired by a quote from Benjamin Franklin: "Plough Deep, ...

Vertical furrows earrings

12 mm round earrings from the furrows series.

Sales price: € 140,00

Ridges 1

Rectangle earrings made from fine silver. Blackend with ...

Sales price: € 180,00

Ridges #2

Round earrings made from fine silver. Elegant & everyday ...

Sales price: € 180,00

Field #2

A pendant made from oxidized fine silver from the Earth ...

Sales price: € 279,99

Vertical Furrows

A silver pendant with vertical lines. The curved shape is ...

Sales price: € 279,99

Sowing #2

Fine silver pendant with manmade ruby's.

Sales price: € 300,00

Sowing #1

Fine silver pendant with 2mm big manmade stones in purple. ...

Sales price: € 300,00

Furrows #1

A silver pendant with the remarkable earth pattern. The ...

Sales price: € 320,00

Linear Nature #1

A square pendant with 22K gold accent. Made of fine silver.

Sales price: € 320,00

Earth ring

A ring inspired by the Furrows and Ridges of a ploughed ...

Sales price: € 360,00

Embrace & Open Up

Silver ring with 22K gold accent. Size of the disk is 32 ...

Sales price: € 380,00
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