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While I followed a tulip bud till full bloom I thought about what makes my life colourful, where do I stand for?  And why the heck did I call my blog Grounded in Nature?

I did it for a good reason but I never told you, didn't know how to do it.

tulipe collage

It is part of the reasons why I have hesitations to write for this blog. I feel I haven’t yet found my voice. I struggle to tell where I stand for, to show you my colour. Because I am afraid to make stupid mistakes, that my writing isn't good enough and lots of other objections.

This fear holds me back and makes me passive.

To get over this passive state I did walk a lot. I asked some friends if I could join them with their trips. It are long walks in different area's. It expanded my horizon. Literally & spiritually because we talked about issues in life and growing in general. It's great to have such good friends :-)

Walking takes you back to the ground in a direct way. In each step you feel connected. Loved. Step by step you accomplish a lot of kilometres. You have time for observing nature, to feel, smell and see our beautiful earth. With it comes peace and a clearness on your goal.

It's time to change my approach for future blogging, to take action to make my blog more vivid.  But how to do it?

Last year I followed a DIY course from Brit Hammer to improve my photographing skills. In a short time it gave me a big boost in confidence for capturing my own work in a loving way.

Why not do it for writing as well, to help me get over the fear of being exposed?

schoenen groundedTherefore I have invested in a 3 months writing course with Henneke Duistermaat.
I strive to learn to show my colours without fear, to practice a lot and start exploring how to talk about being grounded.

What do you think, will you follow me along while I walk my path?



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