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Fools earrings kim noguieraWhen I laid my eyes on The Fool  earrings from Kim Nogueira, I knew they were mine.

Since my 22th birthday I have a deck of tarot cards given to me by a dear friend. This May I will have the deck for 28 year and they are very precious to me, I've used them a lot.

I work with the cards as a vehicle for introspection (never for future prediction!), connecting me to the wonderful world of subconsciousness.

It made me read Jung and other related work that helped develop myself in various ways. My Inner Star series is inspired by a quote from Jan Ton, I read it in one of the many books I have about Tarot.

The fool is my soul card. I will wear these often and when I won't, they will be hanging visible in my studio. It will be reminders of my inner growth.

Thank you Kim, for making these precious jewels, we are forever connected now.
And yes, I wished you could have delivered them in person.

Picture from the earrings by Kim.
Kim is one of the many talented artists taking part at Gallery Pôle Bijou in 
From 16th January until 11th June 2017 - Baccarat - France.

This is my bruised and battered deck of Rider-Waite cards. The 8th of pentakels is also a favorite card. I associate it with me being a metalsmith. The other two are the Star and Magician.

fool deck tarot cards


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