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vickie cloud-broochIf my memory is correct I met Vickie Hallmark in 2010 in Purdue on the 4th PMC conference (PMC=precious metal clay). Through facebook we were able to keep in touch and met again in 2012 on the last PMC conference in Cincinnati.

Vickie is an artist who develops several sides of herself, knowing how difficult this can be, I admire her growing process.

Her question to participate in this bloghop I couldn't resist. This was an opportunity to grow!

Vickie and I share a mutual interest in making jewelry with Metal Clay. She combines Metal Clay with Argentium, in a lovely naturalistic style with birds & flowers & trees.

vickie birdOn a deeper level I have a click with her affirmation drawings and book making.

Inspired by her I made a little affirmation book myself. I felt the power of working with my artist side to create a deeper connection with myself.

I guess we do follow each other as we recognize a similar style in developing our abilities to create. 


The core of this bloghop are 4 questions that we all have to answer. They made me re-think my motives in making jewelry and that’s a good thing! A question can bring new insights.


What am I working on?
I just finished an inner star ring. My Inner Stars stand symbol to what’s important to you, how do you let your star shine?

In this case it was a custom design: I got a picture from the customer of her cat with a striking fur pattern. I re-worked it in photoshop till it fitted the template. I like the process of working together with my client to make a custom reliëf that will be applied to the surface of the stars. It makes the stars really theirs.  

helga Gizmo-ster-ring


Parallel to the jewellery work, I am working on a few personal issue that stop me from creating new work. It has been a bit of a weird year. My new Erosion collection has to do with it. The grinding of daily live can take a toll but what survives is often of beauty. The most striking structures in Nature appear when erosion has played its part.

I’ve given myself some time to find out what is going on. It’s part of my creation process (sorry if it sound a bit vague but it is part of being in the middle of a process).


How does my work differ from others of its genre?
More stylized & abstract then most of the Metal Clay work I think. I combine my traditional metalsmithing skills with Metal Clay to create strong & elegant jewelry.


Why do I write/create what I do?
I just have to, it’s part of me. My creation process is part of understanding who I am. Often I don’t know yet what I want to say with what I make. I see metaphors in Nature, often they explain what I couldn’t understand beforehand.

ring furrow earthTake for example my ring Field#1 from the earth series. I was attracted by farmers ploughing, the lines in the fields. I shot pictures of the iron plough entering the earth, tearing it open. Through the process of ploughing it’s possible that water and air enters the earth so seeds can grow.

This mingled with my own life perception. It was necessary that I opened myself for new experiences so I could grow.
With this image I started to work with little silver square elements pushing them into the Silver Clay. Simulating the primitive forces and experiencing the process myself.

The result is a powerful ring in which you recognize the lines of a ploughed field. The gold rim symbolizes the active process that is involved.


How does my writing/creating process work?
Intuitive following threads, taking lots of pictures, writing on my blog, drawing, thinking, playing, lots of tests with porcelain clay. Now repeat all this many times over.


Unfortunately I was unable to find bloggers to hop after me. So I am making a twist here and guide you towards Sue McNenly a wonderful artist with a lot to say ;-) who does the bloghop as well.

I just love her new series: Secret Garden.

sue egg3


Then I am adding these friends just because I can:
Evelyn Pelati with stylish art deco inspired designs
Maggie Bergman in Australia, the enamel & experimentation queen.
Angela B. Crispin in France, because I still want to visit her :-)
Catherine Witherell because of her ever expanding enthousiasm.

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