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I’ve found my intention word to guide me through the new year. It will be playfulness.

This is the third year I have an intention word, it works good for me. I always give myself in the last week of December time to reflect on last year and then the new word just pops up in my head.

Last year I learned a lot about the business aspect of making and selling jewellery. From January till May I did a course about the business aspect and from August till November a marketing related course. I enjoyed it but at times I even wondered when I was going to be making jewellery again. But I worked through both of them with “perseverance” in mind, my word for 2012.

So my resolution for 2013 is to get playful again.
It is one of my qualities and somehow I managed to lose it last year. And I don’t want to lose it. I want it back, the pleasure of experimenting with the clay and turning it into jewellery.

So deliberately I put painting, working with paper, taking pictures and physical activity into my schedule. It will get me more connected with my inner child so I can play again and have fun whilst creating.


One of the last things I did last year was attending The Sunday Market in Amsterdam. (You can see up here a little blurry impression of it but you can get the picture! )

That was fun!

I was able to be in contact with folks that are on a leisure day walking around, enjoying new things or buying presents for loved ones. It was a quick and impulsive decision to go and it turned out to be something that was playful too. So it fits perfectly into my vision for this year.

I am really looking forward what will happen with this playful intention in mind.
Have a wonderful and joyous new year!

Till the next play-date.


Here a little example of playing. Carving lines with my favourite Dockyards. Inking with blue and printing on paper. When I was making the collage for this blogpost I stumbled onto an image of the fields covered with snow. Unconsciously I am working with the earth again and that makes me happy.

Playing with lino.

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