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post-it-visionboardDo you remember the Ammonite post from last week? It was a fun and rewarding experience.  I loved how Leon and I stimulated each other in new directions and took a whole day of time devoted to creating.

Then there is the other fact that I reserved a time period for attending Haystack. The theme of the particular workshop Fence still speaks to me and I want to do something with it.

So I came to a decision:
I am going to do an art residence at home.

Sunday 14th July I start and it will last till Saturday 20th. On Sunday 21th I finish with a google+ hangout talking about the whole experience and "exhibit" the work I did during the week.

Ruudt Peters workshop, that I attended in 2011 the one about my earth experiments, will be of guidance.

Looking for some more inspiration I found two helpfull posts:

1 Elaine Luther:
Drooling over those residency descriptions? Here’s a solution.

2 Joel Zaslofsky:
You Don’t Need to Look for Inspiration
(I use his CCC checklists to plan the retreat – very helpfull)


With all this information I made a post-it visionboard of what I want to accomplish during this week. The two main goals are:
1 - Strengthening my creative qualities to make them my own.
2 - Deepening my bond with metal clay.

Several activities will help me to realize this goal:

    • meditate every morning
    • explore what Fence means to me - play with the theme
    • work 1 hour in a different medium every day
    • explore porcelain clay for all kinds of experiments so I am not bothered by costs
    • use these explorations in my favourite material: Silver Clay
    • connect with other artists/curious human beings through blogging
    • No meat – lots of fruit – no pc/tablet/phone devices till 18.00

claytests-diggingOne of the porcelain clay experiments
I want to delve in deeper.

I don’t know exactly how I will manage it or how it will evolve. I am looking forward to it and am confident I can make my own art residence work.

To fulfill my need for connection I will blog in the evening. I hope to provoke questions from you. All the discussions will be on my website in the comments as I will avoid FB as much as possible.

I will finish this workweek in the fore mentioned Google+  hangout on Sunday 21th of July.

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