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Today I am having a real dip. The work at daytime went well, but now the writing is a lot more difficult. I am feeling "what use does it have" and am utterly uninspired. Also had a few disturbances from people needing my assistant during daytime. It got me out of my rhythm.

I tried to mend it by doing a meditation in the afternoon. It did help to some extent. I hope I will get back in the flow tomorrow otherwise it could be two long days.

So what did I do today?

I played & sculpted with salt-dough. Tried out if it can be a substitute material for metal clay.

The task was to sculpt every fairytale, which I drew yesterday, in dough. I picked out the distinctive elements, the ones that attracted me most. Sculpting like this is not what I do normally. I prefer to work with more abstract concepts. There are visuals in my work but it’s behind what you see. You kind of have to look twice, like with my ploughed fields.

It was a fun experience, very child like. It is easy to work with but does get crumbly when you make it thin. Probably I will not use it again. It’s too much unlike metal clay to be a substitute.

Porcelain clay works better.

art-retreat claydough-5162Detail of today's porcelain clay sample. Growlines - bark - flow.


Several people said that they would love to walk the labyrinth. You are very welcome here on the farm but I am aware of the travel distance it is for many of you. That’s why I made this little (shaky) video of me going into the centre. It’s just an impression. I’ve walked it now 10 times and it becomes a ritual to start the workday.



Update on the anvil

Been filing now 1 hour for 3 days and finally the rust from the top is gone. At the end of the day it is the perfect job to do just before I start cooking. No thinking, just filing. Next on the list is sanding the top. I want to have a high polish and that takes time.

Thank You!

thumb Inner-star 4619I value it high that you take the time to read and re-act on my stories. It helps me to stay on track. You are all my accountability partner!
When I work it feels like you are here too.

Thank you very much :-)

Therefore I want to do a give-away for everybody who has subscribed to my blog, or left comments on the art residence blogs. I am going to draw one lucky person on Sunday 21st July during my google hang-out in which you can ask questions. (subcribe here)

I will sent this person an Inner Star. I use my inner star as a personal motivator during this retreat. To stay true to myself and keep going on, however slow I go.

I hope that he or she will see it as a motivation to incorporate a retreat into his or her life.

Please share my posts as I hope to inspire more people to realize some silent & focused time in their creative life.


See more pictures in my google album: Art Residence - Thursday 18th July

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