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In this blogpost is just the first reflection I have on the retreat.

Mostly I talk about it in the video from the Hang-out. It will take a while before I have it sorted out. While working with my hands I'll process all the feellings and thoughts I had. For now I settle on working with this new direction and make a series of jewellery with it.

I might even make a limited edition of notebooks to sell, the one I made on day 6 of my residency. Keep an eye on my blog as subsribers have the posiblility to buy at an introducion prize. I let you know.

What did I do the first days after my retreat?

  • Enjoyed free time and read graphic novels (my favourites from Schuiten & Peeters)
  • Relaxed and got myself invited to a dinner with neighbours (thank you Ron & Jeanette!)
  • Make some new jewellery. I’ll show in the next post what I did!
  • Play with the kids from my brother, using salt dough from last week, they loved it!
  • Have a great Google+ Hangout. 

Link to Epic River, the necklace I talk about.

Having a talk with Maggie, Lora and Sara about the retreat was lovely.
I had been working alone whole week and it felt like a small party but just online.

Motivational Inner Star give-away.

The winner from the Inner Star is Linda Cote.

Linda is an amazing print artist who lives in Canada and just like me is inspired by mother Nature. We met through twitter. Since then I enjoy her artwork. A few cards from her are hanging in my studio. This is one of them, a beautiful floughed field. I just love this print.

She's very much attracted to the idea of having a retreat on her own. So I hope that this little give-away will be an inspiration for her to do it.

You can find her website here: Linda Cote Studio Printmaking Arts

Congratulations Linda, enjoy wearing my Inner Star :-)



Sunday I picked a bowl of red berries from our garden to give an impression
how wonderful I felt right after this retreat week.

While taking the picture a tiny, tiny little snail showed up.
Bringing her Labyrinth with her on her back.

That's what I got to do now.
Pack up all the knowledge and experiences from last week
and take it with me into the great big beautiful world.



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