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Many jewellers say they have a story to tell. Logical as you know that jewellery are small objects that can carry an incredible amount of meanings. Just have a look at king Ur’s pendant, many symbolism was hidden in this precious work.

In my jewellery I use nature in symbolised form to depict growing processes. The earth series stands for strength, responsiveness and a base on which you can build.

Earth ring, silver and gold

You cannot see how I investigate the symbolism. That happens in my studio or when I'm taking a walk with my dog. Also the photos I take for "Abundance in Nature" are used for this purpose.

A question from a visitor on an art market triggered me to start thinking about how I can explain this symbolism in a clear way. I’ll start with the 4 elements because I use them to divide my jewellery collection:

    • Water: Inner Bark – Day at Sea
    • Earth: Field – Moonlit
    • Air: Inner Star
    • Fire: Dragonseries

The teachings of the 4 elements is an important part of our classical heritage, Plato has written about it in Timaeus. Anthroposophy talks about the 4 temperaments, Jung calls it the personality types and in physics are the elements identified in the state of matter. I like to use this universal knowledge to get a better understanding of the elements.

Another way to understand an element is through observation. Water, for example, always seeks out the deepest point. A conscious research process helps to understand my unconscious form language. This is also the moment of connection with my own growth processes and a very personal side of the investigation.

Together they give me the information that I need to develop new jewellery.

As a reader of my blog you feel attracted to what I make, you pick up the unconscious signals. By carefully explaining what is behind my jewellery I hope you make your own connections and stories. Symbols are very personal and powerful, as is your jewellery.

The next month I start with the element water. The series that I'm working on, the Inner Bark, also has a lot to do with water and will serve as an example.

Inner Bark detail silver and gold


Next post: Words & Themes historically connected to Water


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The jewellery which is sold under the brand name La Leipsig Jewels is based on Helga van Leipsig's observations of the nature in Limburg, a province in the south of The Netherlands.



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