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water-cuba-zeeSince my blogpost Symbolism in Helga's jewellery, I am struggling with my story about the symbolism of water. I wrote many lines of what it means to me.

Very difficult because in the end I couldn't choose. It was as if a dam had been built somewhere in the river. The water couldn't get through, but it kept rising.

Fortunately my intention word for this year came to the rescue: PLAYFULNESS

It occurred to me that I shouldn't have to make it that complicated. It can be a kind of game to explore what it means. Show you which words and themes are associated with water and are important with respect to my jewellery. I don't have to make any revelations, it's about the associations.

So what did I do?

I put all the words that historically and intuitively belong to the symbol water on an A4. Then I started playing. If something was important to me, it got big letters.  Through colours I could indicate an emotion (and yes, colour was used symbolically).

My former job as a graphic designer came in handy while playing. The fonts also have a certain kind of feel that I used for the words.

In this way, my creativity began to flow again, and I had fun in the process.
And that's exactly the point.

The green words on the card are my own associations with water.


A practical overview of words and themes that historically and intuitively
are connected to water symbolism


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The jewellery which is sold under the brand name La Leipsig Jewels is based on Helga van Leipsig's observations of the nature in Limburg, a province in the south of The Netherlands.



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