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- This is the 2nd post in my series about the 4 classical elements. By writing about the elements I try to understand what these important building blocks of Nature have to do with my jewellery -

vuur-fire 4elements symbolicThe second element I want to discuss is FIRE.

I started making a sheet with words that historically belong to this element  (at the end of this post ). With the words as a guide I investigated how they belong to my work. What fuels me? What sets me on fire? Where is my enthusiasm?

My biggest inspiration source, in a very basic way, is Nature. I believe that everything that grows can tell you something, if we only we would listen. Perhaps we have lost this ability a bit.

By observing and listening to Nature I try to find out what is important for me. I do this through drawing, writing and photography, often with a macro-lens to make close-ups. Then I share it here on my blog to inspire you to have a look too.  Or make your own discoveries. What you like!

Another passion of me is working with Metal Clay.
I find this relatively new material so fascinating that I keep on exploring it. This curiosity fuels my actions, I’m truly inspired by it and I want to actively research the possibilities. I try to find suitable applications for the characteristics of Metal Clay, to find solutions that are difficult or shear impossible to achieve with the traditional metalsmiths way.

These 2 passions, Metal Clay and Nature, meet each other in my jewellery. In my work it magically works together, the malleable Metal Clay is an excellent medium to express my thoughts about Nature.

The funny thing is that developments I encounter working with Metal Clay are parallel to my personal developments. It starts when I see something in Nature that I can relate to my own feelings and grow processes. The moment I understand what's happening I am able to express it in metalclay.  That's how my collections grow.

I would very much like to infect you with my enthusiasm for nature, and the personal development you can get through it, so you too start to observe the small signs in Nature, and like me learn how to shut down the noise and hear her voice.

I also would love to hear from you. What is it that fuels you?
Where lies your passion?

Don’t hesitate to discus or tell it in the comments :-)


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