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The first silver earth pendant from La Leipsig.For some time I have been working on the earth theme collection. It started somewhere in 2010 with me sticking silver rectangles into silverclay as an experiment. I was trying to mimic the furrows and ridges in a ploughed field.

At that time I was unconscious of why I wanted to make them, I just knew I had to.

On the right you see the very first pendant I made with this technique. It is made of fine silver with a very rough edge and hung on a rubber cord and is called Field#1.


The farmer in his tractor ploughing the field.I made many pictures of ploughing farmers and the resulting fields, contemplating why I was so fascinated by ploughing. I found out, it had to do with the magnificent view of the plough going in the land to break the earth open. Like I had to open as well, because I was limiting myself.

Earth needs oxygen to enable the seeds to grow. I knew I needed fresh air too.


In 2011 I was attracted to the workshop “Now Breath” from Ruudt Peters. It was one of the many ways I was able to explore my vision on earth.
We had to take a material with us and I chose earth from my kitchen garden. In this workshop I learned to trust myself and to breathe deep so I could get a connection with my inner self. I am Ruudt very grateful for enabling me to open up. 

Till now I never showed the work I made in “Now Breath”, but today I will.
It was after three days of prelude work that I started to focus on mixing up my earth with water, folding little boxes out of paper so I could fill them up with the mud. Then I heated the boxes with earth on an electric stove to speed up the process to make little solid bricks. By incorporating rope I could string the bricks together.

It was 7 days of heaven, playing with sand and water, back to childhood, BREATH! 

At that time it had nothing to do with jewellery and it was very liberating.

Experiments from "Now Breath" a workshop by Ruudt Peters.

Back at home I slowly and thorough incorporate these new visions into my daily life (I am a bit like a tortoise). A lot happened in the workshop and I had to give it a place. For some time I even didn’t make new pieces at all.

And then suddenly (after quite some time) it hit me. Sticking those little pieces in the clay was my way to organize my thoughts. It had to be straight and clear so I could order and name it.

I know that now, but then....

Last week I got a new idea. The rectangles got curved and again stuck into silverclay.The resulting ring is called “Embrace & Open Up”. I use a 22K gold layer to visualize the underground riches and show the breaking of the edges.

I am glad that I found new input in working with the Earth theme. I hope you like it too.
We'll see what it will bring in the future.

Silver ring with 22K gold layer from the Earth collection.


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