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You know that you have to do “something” but postpone it because it such a gigantic task? Well, re-building this site with the newest software was such a thing. In September I re-thought the logic of my several sites to combine them into one. Then I started with a fresh site and kept on building throughout October.

Today I am happy to present you my new La Leipsig Jewels site with the blog incorporated.
It is by no means ready. I still have to add many new product pages, but it functions well enough to get going. The foundation has been laid from where I can grow.

I have been building sites for small companies and artists since 2006 in many different platforms. What I accomplished in this La Leipsig Jewels site I am really proud of. It’s a bilingual, self-hosted site and webshop for my jewellery. Although the shop cannot take orders yet, as it is set to catalogue until it is ready (circa first of December).

One thing I couldn’t take over from the old blog site were the comments, so please feel free to re-add your thoughts about my posts. For my subscribers that wait already this long to see my next post for “Process as a Design Tool”, thank you for your patience. I have committed myself to write the next post for the end of November.

Then my latest news is that I am the featured artist and cover girl (with my Dragonskin bracelet) on the fall issue of Metal Clay Today. It feels like a reward for all the hard work.


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